Dispatch Solutions

24/7 surveillance for your business. Prevention is always key!


Security Guards need support from a team that monitors and checks that every part of the work is being conducted properly.

Your location will always be covered and never be left alone. We'll check that everything is safe throughout the day. All businesses benefit from a good dispatch service.

  • Support for your stationed guards and every request you have.
  • Compromise with your schedule and limitations.
  • Always on the phone making your job easier! You don't have to be in the office.


Protecting your shipping label can be hard with cargo, packages, and a heavy load of work the whole week.

This is why a dispatch service making sure every package comes in and goes out the way they are supposed to, is important to us. The weight good logistics can have on your business should not be underestimated.

  • We'll track every delivery and pickup related to your business. No ship or delivery comes in without us knowing about it.
  • Under any circumstance, we'll always be there to create the best service for you. All your boxes will be cataloged.
  • The insurance with the best coverage is the one that makes sure you never lose. Shipping and pickup services require someone to take care of the packages, we'll be there for you.


Do you transport people via ship, truck, bus, or plane? You'll need someone to make sure everything goes according to plan to avoid having to pay a fee or getting in trouble with city or state governments.

  • You can begin to enjoy this offer now. No restrictions apply. No matter the package or how far is the shipping.
  • Our office is never closed. If the request is that we check everything, we'll do it. Your package will always be tracked!
  • Is it raining or snowing? That won't be a problem. Our dispatch service is top-notch every season. All packages will reach their destination!


You don't get a chance to be interested in a dispatch service when it comes to emergencies. Add a dispatch service to your budget if you want to give people a sign that you'll always choose their security.

  • All the features of a dispatch service while saving lives. We follow the schedule and track that the plan you choose goes perfectly. Insurance is good, but efficiency is better.
  • Following all mandated procedures to the letter. We read the fine print and learn to adapt to it. We save the day for your clients and save you money while you do your business.
  • A tracking number is important to make sure everything goes according to plan. We track everything and create trust and community within the city.

We are a professional virtual assistance team, that specializes in providing the best personnel for your company, to make you achieve and exceed your goals for much lower market rates for this service.

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